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Rockstar Design is an unparalleled creative design firm with over 14 years of experience working with businesses ranging from small companies to large corporations. Our studio specializes in Print and Web Design.

There is no one size fits all approach to our design, no templates to drag and drop, and we'll never use clip art. Each project is tailored to your exact needs, with an eye on the originality and impact of each design. We take the time to thoroughly research not only your product, but also the field for which it will be marketed. We study the competition to ensure you aren't making their mistakes. This allows us to confidently work for a variety of clients, from the most conservative of corporations in Milwaukee, to the sexiest nightclubs in Los Angeles, consistantly achieving effective results across the board.

Our in-house creatives utilize advanced hardware and software as tools in the pursuit of communicating ideas, rather than allowing the technology to dictate the course of action. We handle all design, illustration, and photography ourselves, to ensure your product meets the most exacting of standards, and is worthy of bearing the Rockstar name.

Our team enjoys the pressure of working on extensive projects under tight schedules when necessary; perhaps at our most creative when working quickly, we are also able to thoughtfully translate a company's brand values into exciting design content. Our primary focus is servicing our clients and beating deadlines while obliterating expectations. We pride ourselves in our reputation for exceptional customer service.

Rockstar Design will see your job through from consuting and design to delivery. We are committed to giving you service tailored to your firm's particular needs. We relish the challenge and bring fresh ideas and intelligent solutions. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Rockstar Design

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Rockstar Design publishes info* magazine. Info* has been on the forefront of the Milwaukee scene for 10 years, consistently serving its readers with a comprehensive look inside the heart of the city.